Your individualism makes you a lion

You have an idea in your head and you say, “ This is it. It will succeed!” Although it is your intuition not necessarily based on calculations, you believe you came up with something people need. Something that does not exist on the market. You are certain it will be a success.

I am extremely proud to present the only financial product of this kind on the market. It is special not only because of its exceptional shape, but also because of everything that it hides inside. Your passions, desires, dreams, whims? Today the whole world is at arm’s reach. To open the door to your dreams you just need to possess a proper key.

Jarosław Augustyniak


New chapter
in the history of luxury credit cards

Lion’s Bank Master Key Word Elite MasterCard opens a new chapter in the history of the world market of luxurious credit cards. It is the first metal credit card with an irregular shape in the world and the first metal card with an irregular shape oriented vertically in Europe. It weighs 25 grams.

It is distinguished by absolutely minimalist design. On its front there is a polished, mirror logotype of Lion’s Bank casting light reflections. Below the name and surname of the card’s holder are engraved. Such design, combined with the vertical orientation of the card and the space that is not disturbed by the 16- digit number, draws attention of each person who holds this perfectly made piece of metal to the holder of the card.

When the world is not enough. Individually set credit limit

When somebody says money is not everything, they are right. Fantasy and the ability to use it are much more important. The construction of the Master Key card makes it possible to remove all financial barriers. Only imagination can be a limit here. A million is too little? Today we will set the limit adjusted to your needs.

Nowadays the impossible can be done off-hand

Lion’s Bank Concierge

Lion’s Bank is not only the assets entrusted to us. It is first of all our clients with their everyday problems and needs.

If you want to realise the most unusual ideas the team of our specialists are ready to organise them.

It does not matter if it will be the organisation of the first climbing of the Opera House in Sydney during the New Year’s fireworks show, hiring a circus troupe for your child’s birthday, organising a romantic supper on the glacier in New Zealand, or an expedition to the North Pole to see the northern lights. With us the word "impossible" loses its meaning.

MasterCard® Rewards

When invention has no limits

With the Master Key card you cannot be bored and when you run out of your ideas you always have the World Master card rewards programme at you disposal, available without any limits to card holders. Are you looking for original or luxurious objects or interesting places to which you have not been before? Now they are at your arm’s reach. They are already yours.

MasterCard® Travel Tool

When privileges are a norm

What would be prestige without a joy of travelling? The Master Key card does not only make it possible to fulfil your dreams, but also to make each air travel more attractive and efficient. Thanks to the especially prepared programmes, we are able to ensure a preferential access to air tickets in more than 350 airlines all over the world, as well as car rental or booking the best hotel.

Priority Pass

When prestige has its own set place

The Master Key card does not only guarantee perfect air connections or the reservation of best hotels. It is also a way to make each journey most comfortable. That is why the holder of our card has free membership in the Priority Pass club. Tired? Bored? We invite you to the most relaxing place in the airport: VIP Lounges in more than 400 places all over the world.

MasterCard® Priviledges

When you are always a step ahead

While designing the Master Key card we aimed to create a perfect product that serves to ensure satisfaction and comfort to our Clients. We thought about services connected with travelling such as preference reservation of the hotel or flight and we also included in our offer the membership in Hertz and Avis.

Master Key Lion’s Bank Insurance

Lion doesn’t need to roar.
It may whistle cheerfully.

Master Key Lion’s Bank Insurance – prestigious card Master Key is also a packet of benefits that You will not find with any other financial products of this kind. We know our clients and we are aware how much time they spend in journeys. With a view to them we added AXA Travel to Insurance Offer, that guarantees costs cover in case of unpredictable situations. We care not only about our clients’ finances but we also think about HealthCare. That is why we introduced Assistance in Journey in Insurance Offer.

It is high time to ask Lion’s Bank private banker about details of our Offer.

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